Coffee mix with Microground Sungyod Rice(brown rice)


delong sungyod coffee 4in1 (Pack5)

A perfect smooth blend of the robusta coffee. Rich, quality creamy and aromatic, it has dark coffee flavor and no sour.

"Delong Ricemalt 3in1" is a flavourful combination of cocoa, sungyod rice, riceberry and malt. Aromatic from dark roasted rice with a smooth cocoa mouth feel. Benefit from sungyod rice, riceberry and malt.

Best Seller

A satisfying blend with the great taste of sungyod rice. Smooth, tasty and unique. Aromatic from dark roasted sungyod rice and benefit from rice.

Best Seller

A great alternative for the health conscious. Aromatic from dark roasted rice. Delong riceberry combination of premium coffee, riceberry, sungyod rice and white kidney bean. Not mix sugar, Low fat and benefit from rice.


CEO and employees in the Hedthod nanode and Delong coffee Group Confederate repair

CEO on air the Jaw program on 3 channel family

Mr. ChaiYong Kotchapant, CEO Get the ultimate prize 7innovation Awards 2016

CEO on air the knon morning program on nation channel

NBT channel team came to interview Mr.Chaiyong Kotchapant














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